Will Tunic ~ Ride or Tie Dye


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A little pinky hue and dark navy place Ride or Tie Dye in a respectable spot in the world of Mu. You might think she is rough and tough, but she’s really just a big soft-T! Made to be paired with denim and or bold solids. The bolder the better.

Wear “Will” for a “Thrill” and call that shirt “Will the Thrill”. This jersey tunic has a round neck and is long enough to cover a round or non-round booty. The flowy Will Tunic is great when paired with leggings or skinny jeans and 100% required for airport travel because of three factors: comfy, cute, AND warm enough for an airplane because “Will the Thrill” has long sleeves to keep you cozy.

*52% Cotton, 48% Modal

Mary Katherine is 5'7 and she is wearing a small.