Tristan Lace Up Top ~ Cozy Black Rib


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Perfect staple for all seasons. You need this Cozy Black feel and look wherever you might be going. Perfect under things or over things and you can wear with pretty much anything. You might think it has less going on then other fabrics but when you pay attention, this one has the biggest personality and can fit in anywhere.

Meet Tristan, Oasis Lace Up Crop’s big sis!! She's a boho mumu girl’s favorite staple for ALL seasons with her deep V and dainty sleeves. Tristan is an amazing multi-tasker! With just enough pleating to help you keep your shape, Tristan knows how to stay flowy and flattering at the same time- she can do it all! Get to know her and she’ll unlace your ~boho dreams~ into reality!

*92% Cotton, 8% Spandex

Skye is 5'7 and she is wearing a small.