Q: What is your ideal girls night out?
A: Rooftop cocktails + appetizers + deep belly laughs!
Q: What's your ideal girls night in?
A: Snacks 'n wine! I think I have a thing for food & drinks if ya can't tell, hah.
Q: Between the Notebook or Bridesmaids, what movie are you watching?
A: First the notebook, then even out the sadness with bridesmaids after!
Q: Sour Patch or Starburst?
A: Sour patch ALL THE WAY! Preferably the red ones.
Q: Red Wine or White Wine?
A: White, Chardonnay is life
Q: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
A: I'm really great helping people with their problems but I tend to act like mine don't matter, workin on it!
Q: Would you rather receive Candy or Flowers on Valentines Day?
A: Flowers
Q: What’s your dream Date night?
A: Beach picnic! But also I love surprises so any surprise date is fun!!