Karolina Collar Dress ~ City Nights Glimmer


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Own that purple indigo dark and mysterious look! With blooming beauties dancing around in hues ranging from maroon, to green, to blue and black. You’re sure to have a night that is right on track. She loves going out dressed up in gold and copper pendants and necklaces. Throw in some pewter and silver to be ready for whatever may be in store!

Karolina Collar Dress is a close cousin of Casey Collar Top - and basically bffs. Long and gorge with that wrapping slit action that is just so on point. Platforms give her that elegance she was born for. A necklace makes a point to do a great job of displaying elegance and fun.

*100% Poly
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended.

Jordyn is 5'8 and is wearing a size small.