Duran Cape ~ Honeysuckle Paisley


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Deep dark navy blue, bright white, warm mustard, and rich maroon all come together to give Honeysuckle Paisley her charm. Absolutely enchanting with her flowers, paisley, and tendrils. Silver, chrome, and pewter all make her go weak in the knees, but she also like warmer metals like bronze and gold.

Oh, Duran, Duran, you’re just what we need from dancing on the beach to crossing the Rio Grande. Your loose sleeves are just right ending about three quarters of the way down so we can show off all our bangles and charms. And those two side slits down the sides let you flow with even more grace than we knew existed. Seriously jazzes up cutoffs and tied up Cammy’s Cami perfectly.

*100% Poly Chiffon
*Semi Sheer
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended.

Jordyn is 5'8 and is wearing a size small.