Ali Pants ~ Watercolor Whiskers


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Someone wanted to paint the sunset and left everything out over night...that’s when Watercolor Whiskers decided to make a little art of her own. The evening dew set in and let the super dark navy blue blend and bleed into a rich purple hue. From there violet emerged; which eventually lead to a soft pink saturation. Her white canvass makes these colors jump out even more. She is purfect for all types of denim and doesn’t shy away from pewters or bronzes.

This super scrunchers know how to somehow be pretty much the most comfortable pants ever all while looking so lux and cool! Ali Pants even have pockets that are the best for looking super chill while waiting in line for a one-night-only gig by your fav new band. Ankle booties and really just about any crop top work soooo well with her!

*100% Poly
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended

Lauren is 5'5" and she is wearing a small.

*Measurements (inseam / waist / waist extended)
*XSmall: 25" / 26" / 39”
*Small: 25" / 27.5" / 40.5”
*Medium: 25.5" / 29" / 42”
*Large: 25.5" / 30.5" / 43.5"
*XLarge: 25.5" / 32.5" / 45.5"